Americas Heroes Book Publishing provides complete publishing and marketing services to US Veterans, their spouses, and children.

Book Cover Design /Editing/ Translations/ Proofreading/ Layout/ Meta-tags/ Submission to Amazon or Ingram for Printing and Publication/ Submission to Online Booksellers/ Submission to National and International Book Fairs…

How to Submit Your Book

We do accept unsolicited proposals, in printed or in electronic form, submitted by regular mail or by e-mail. We do not accept unsolicited full manuscripts

Please submit your proposal in electronic form, please use a standard word processing program such as Microsoft Word and send the proposal as a file attachment to your e-mail. If your proposal is longer than 25 pages or includes photo or illustration files, zip the file(s) before attaching. Do not type your entire proposal as e-mail text.

If you submit a proposal in printed form by regular mail, do not submit handwritten material. Do not send a sole, original copy. Proposals must be typewritten, or letter-quality computer generated, on 8-1/2" x 11" good white paper, double-spaced with at least 1" wide margins all around.

Please include the following information in your proposal:

Send your proposal to:

Editorial Coordinator
American Heroes Book Publishing
300 Carlsbad Village Dr.
Ste 108A #158
Carlsbad Ca. 92008

E-mail your proposal to:
When we receive your proposal, our editors will review it and we will let you know if we are interested in pursuing it further.

Please understand that American Heroes Book Publishing does not assume responsibility for any unsolicited proposal or manuscript that we may receive, and specifically we are not responsible for returning your proposal.

A proposal may be rejected for several reasons, including but not limited to quality of writing, market need for the subject, appropriateness for the series or imprint, author credentials, and duplication of idea or concept already published or under consideration by Alpha Books. Even though we might reject your proposal, we reserve the right to publish a book by a different author based on a similar idea or concept.

If your proposal meets our publishing standards, we will contact you to discuss the project in more detail.
Are you a US Veteran, or Military Spouse, or a Military “Kid,” and you have an important story to tell? Let us assist you.

We are a program of Patriotic Hearts, a nationwide charitable effort to support, to secure, and enhance the lives of US Veterans and their families.

American Heroes Book Publishing is one of the programs of our Veteran organization. We proof, edit, format, publish, distribute, and market your books worldwide. We make sure that your works are presented perfectly professionally in every way, including your book cover.